Constantin Severin

Constantin Severin

Constantin Severin is the founder and promoter of a new awarded concept/movement on the contemporary art scene, the archetypal expressionism. He was born on February 8th, 1952, in Baia de Arama, Mehedinti, Romania. He is a visual artist (painting, installations, photography, post-literature), founder of ’’Archetypal Expressionism Group’’ and co-founder of the International Art Group ”3rd Paradigm’’, together with the artists Adrian Bayreuther , Alberto D’Assumpcao, Olga Dmytrenko, Harriette Lawler, Izabella Pavlushko and member of European Artists Association, Germany.  His art is  promoted by Lavacow international auction house, Bucharest.

He is also a writer, member of the Romanian Writers’ Union and a journalist (he worked for different Romanian publications, but also for BBC and Free Europe radio), one of the editors of the international cultural magazine, Levure littéraire, Paris, founded by the French/Romanian writer, Rodica Draghincescu.

He has published over 800 articles, essays and interviews on culture, art theory and criticism, as well as on other issues of Romanian and international interest. Juror for prestigious international art contests. His concepts and artworks have been published by major international art and literary magazines, like Artdaily, World Literature Today, It’s Liquid, Levure littéraire, Empireuma, Contemporanul, Vatra, Arkitera, Glare Magazine, Vatra Veche, Cuadernos del Ateneo, Dance and Media Japan, etc.

Solo exhibitions:

  • ”Text and Time”, September 2004, Bucovina Museum, Suceava, Romania, (promoted by the EuroNews cultural Agenda);
  • ”The Signs of the Time”, November 2004, NahVision Art Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany (also promoted by the EuroNews Agenda).
  • ”Time’s Metaphors”, February 2006, Velea (TransArt) Art Gallery,Bacau, Romania.
  • ”Matrioshka Identities”, February 2007, Art Gallery of the ”Stephen the Great” University, Suceava, Romania.
  • ”The Alchemical City”, January 2009, Lascar Vorel Art Gallery, Piatra Neamt, Romania (promoted by EuroNews TV channel, Rendez-vous cultural magazine).
  • ”My Archetypal Suceava City”, April 2009, Dalype Gallery, Oslo, Norway.
  • ”Archetypal Expressionism”, online show, April 2009,  Design Gallery, University of Massachussets, Boston, USA, curated by the vsual artist Lily Yang.
  • ”Text and Time. The Archetypal Expressionism”, November-December 2009, Museum of Visual Art, Galati, Romania.
  • ”Totem. In memoriam Ion Ţuculescu”, June 2010, Museum of Art, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania, curated by Maria Bălăceanu, director of the museum.
  • ”Selfportrait with Guardian Angel”, June 2011, Romanian Literature Museum, Iaşi, Romania.
  • Retrospective solo show 2002-2012, February 2012, Bucovina Museum, Suceava, Romania.
  • ”Gauguin’s Children”, May 2012, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
  •  ”Janus”, May 2013, National Bank of Romania, Atrium Hall, together with a solo show of photography, ”Austrian Dream”, invited by the Forum for Social-Economic Innovation Danube-Black Sea.
  •  ”Hierarchy of Light”, October 2013, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, the first solo show of monochrome painting, curated by Corneliu Ostahie, art critic and writer.

Group exhibitions, art fairs, international art projects:

  • International  Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Finland, April 2005.
  • National Museum of History, Chisinau, Republic of Moldavia, June 2006.
  • Stanzwerk Bochum, Germany, June-July 2007,  art symposium organized by European Artists Association.
  • Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery, New York, January-February 2009, group show organized by Mirca Art Group, curator Carla Goldberg, NY.
  • International Art Center ”George Apostu”, Bacau, Romania, group show ”The Wineyard and the Wine”, February 2009,  organized by the museum/art gallery of art brut Galerie de 4 coins, France, curated by the founder of the museum, the French artist Luis Marcel.
  • Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France, ”Spring Projection” project, March 2009.
  • TransCultural Exchange, Boston, Little Gallery New York, The International Exquisite Corps Project by Mary Corey March, April 2009, together with other 18 international artists from 12 countries.
  • Design Gallery, University of Massachussets, Boston Cyberarts Festival, April 2009, DSL Cyber MOCA in Second Life, ”TransForm”international  project, curated by Lily&Honglei.
  • Opera Gallery, Budapest, May 2009, group exhibition by artists from the 27 member states of EU.
  • Funil Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, February 2010, 3rd Paradigm group show.
  • Jose de Lorenzo Gallery, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 2010, 3rd Paradigm group show.
  • Vieira Portuense Gallery, Oporto, Portugal, October 2010, 3rd Paradigm group show.
  • Rearte Gallery, Vienna, Austria, October 2011, Privatsphären (Private Spheres), group show of 3rd Paradigm International Artists Group.The show was presented by Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky, vicepresident of Austrian Art Association and president of the Sculpture department and was featured by the art magazine IT’S LIQUID.
  • International Plastic Arts Saloon of Alto Alentejo, Cultural Center of Sousel, Portugal, October 2011.
  • International art fair, ART WIESLOCH, Wiesloch, Germany, September 2012, with the members of 3rd Paradigm Group.
  •  Kaplanka Museum, Protivin, Czech Republic, September 2012, with the members of 3rd Paradigm Group.
  • Rotterdam International Art Fair, organized by the Global Art Agency, together with other two members of Archetypal Expressionism Group, Yulia Kirschner and Natalie Detsch Southworth, September 2014.

Art Awards& honours:

  • UNESCO Ambassador of eurointegration through art, in 2008.
  • Excellence Award offered by the City Hall of Drobeta Turnu Severin City and the County Council of Mededinţi, Romania, December 2009.
  • OPERA OMNIA Art Award offered by Suceava County Council, January 2012.
  • ”Black Sea Danubian Social&Economic Innovator” Trophy for Art, offered by Eurolink-House of Europe Foundation, Bucharest, May 2012, in partnership with the European Commission and the Romanian Academy, for ”creating and promoting a new concept in European arts, Archetypal Expressionism.”
  •  Honorary citizen of his birthtown, Baia de Aramă, Mehedinţi, Romania, in May 2011.
  • Featured artist by ”It’s Liquid” international art, architecture &design magazine, November, 2012.
  • Featured artist by  ”Casa Lux” monthly magazine, the first glossy magazine in Romania, September, 2014.

Artbooks, catalogues:

  • Works published by ”Freedom & art”, Art book Project-Mirca Art Group-Skogas, Sweden (An Art Happening), 2008;
  • Art book printed by the Museum of Art from Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania and art catalogue made by the Museum of Visual Art, Galati, Romania.
  • Included on ”The illustrated dictionnary of beaux arts in Moldova-1800 to 2010”, published by the art critic Valentin Ciucă, Art XXI publishing house, Iaşi, 2011.
  • Included through a selection made by 5 international art curators on the art book ”International Contemporary Artists”, ICA Publishing, New York, 2011, by Eve Lemonidou (art critic, art collector and curator) and Olga Antoniadou (art historian and curator).
  • Included by the American visual artist and curator, Harriette Lawler, on the artbook Privatsphären (Private Spheres), in 2011 and also on ”Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry”, published by Moon and Mountain, 2012 (Art Editor: Harriette Lawler; Poetry Editor: Agnes Marton).
  •  Bilingual art album Romanian/English, published by Tipo Moldova, Iasi, 2013.
  • Artworks in public (The Museum of Art and History Suceava, Romania, The Museum of Art Piatra Neamt, Romania and The Museum of Art Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania) and private collections from Romania, Germany, USA, Finland, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine, Italy, Great Britain, etc.
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  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 94
    Text and Time 94 / Oil on canvas / 70x100 cm / 2012
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 95
    Text and Time 95 / Oil on canvas / 70X90 cm / 2013
  • Constantin Severin Here is the archetypal expressionism!
    Here is the archetypal expressionism! / Oil on board / 50x70 cm / 2012
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 60
    Text and Time 60 / Oil on canvas / 70x100 cm / 2007
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 69
    Text and Time 69 / Oil on canvas / 70x100 cm / 2009
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 71
    Text and Time 71 / Oil on canvas / 60x80 cm / 2009
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 75
    Text and Time 75 / Oil on canvas / 70x100 cm / 2010
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 82
    Text and Time 82 / Oil on canvas / 50x70 cm / 2011
  • Constantin Severin Text and Time 91
    Text and Time 91 / Oil on canvas / 50x90 cm / 2012