Yulia Kirschner

Yulia Kirschner

„Each photo is a unique story whereas I want to capture emotions and record memories of the special moments from different perspectives. Life between the cultures is the main inspiration of my photographic projects. “

11.11.1978 in Moscow, Russia

1992 -1994 Evening classes in photography, Moscow
1999 High School Diploma, Cologne (Germany)
2006 Business Studies, Diploma, University of Cologne
2001-2006 Fotostudio in Cologne. Focus: analogue black & white photography (portraits and documentary)
2006 Relocation to Switzerland
Since 2006 – Switch to the digital photography. Focus on long time projects „Avatars“ und „Sunk Worlds“

Art- und photography shows

  • 08/2004 group exhibition „Fahrenheit“, Galerie ¼, Cologne
  • 04/2005 solo exhibition „Moscow“, Dinner Club Cologne
  • 10/2005 solo exhibition „Window“, Atelier Cubismo, Cologne
  • 01/2006 solo exhibition „Behind the music“, Music Highschool, Cologne
  • 09/2007 solo exhibition „Black & White“, Steinbock Wintergarten, Tägerwilen, CH
  • 06/2008 solo exhibition „Worlds“, Home Gallery G. Ustinova, St. Petersburg
  • 08/2010 group exhibition „Gallereja na Kutuzowskoy“, Moscow
  • 12/2013 group exhibition „Private Art“, Düsseldorf
  • 09/2014 International Art Fair Rotterdam (Group Archetypal Expression), Rotterdam
  • 10/2014 solo exhibition „die Odyssee“, Jens Lührs – Dentkonstanz, Constance

„Sunk worlds“

Brief description: …dreams and memories from the past as sunk worlds.
Kamera: Canon AE-1, Nikon D300s
Technique: Photo collages with a mix of analogue black & white and color digital photographies


Brief description: … Creation of a timeless space of dreams, hidden desires and aspirations through a technique close to old palimpsests. Photographs of the mannequins from the showcase combined with the world of historic, cultural, nature related and religious archetypes-sources of our human identity. (Avatar – descent of a deity into the earthly spheres and assumption of the human shape, in Sanskrit)
Kamera: Nikon D300s
Technique: Photo collages with two photographes

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  • Yulia Kirschner Water worlds  10_1
    Water worlds 10_1
  • Yulia Kirschner Water worlds 6
    Water worlds 6
  • Yulia Kirschner Space-shuttle
  • Yulia Kirschner Avatar IX
    Avatar IX / Photo collages with two photographes
  • Yulia Kirschner Avatar X
    Avatar X / Photo collages with two photographes
  • Yulia Kirschner Clock
  • Yulia Kirschner Dasschwarzemeer
  • Yulia Kirschner Dream
  • Yulia Kirschner Mask7
  • Yulia Kirschner Mask11