Severin’s Art at the Rotterdam International Art Fair

August 13, 2014


Three of Constantin Severin’s paintings will be present at the Rotterdam International Art Fair, organized on the 12th and 13th of September 2014 by the Global Art Agency. Over 200 visual artists and art galleries from all over the world have been selected for this big international art show opened to the art lovers in a famous basilica, De Laurenskerk, the only Medieval monument in Rotterdam, designated Cultural Capital of Europe this year.

The visual artists Yulia Kirschner and Natalie Detsch Southworth, both of them from from Switzerland and members of the Archetypal Expressionism Group (with 16 international artists from 13 countries) also joined the event.

“We are looking forward to having Constantin Severin (the founder and promoter of the archetypal expressionism) and his group exhibiting at the Rotterdam International Art Fair. The works of Constantin is of a very interesting concept for our show. We are always looking for fresh new concepts and like to introduce these to our audience. We think that the archetypal expressionism – which lies between the two major paradigms of contemporary art, the figurative and the abstract – will do very well at the Art Fair, and we are looking forward to seeing the works in real-life.” – Ms Joelle DINNAGE, Director at Global Art Agency Ltd (organisation of the Rotterdam International Art Fair).